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This web site is run by the Floyd Hill Property Owners Association (FHAPOA), a voluntary organization of homeowners supporting community activities that benefit us all. 
"To take a proactive interest in the welfare, education, and civic matters of the property owners and residents…" is our purpose according to our by-laws.
Floyd Hill is home to hundreds of hard-working folks who have gone to great lengths to live here because we have found something we couldn’t find elsewhere.  In recent years we have made it clear to many local public and private organizations, that our HOA is well-informed, organized, and proactive.

As in previous years, we expect to face many similar issues in 2016 and beyond, involving water rights, land use, annexation, and wildfire mitigation. We will be particularly vigilant and active to ensure that any development plans at the base of Floyd Hill do not adversely affect our interests, safety, or water rights.

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Your membership supports vital community activities that benefit us all. Your support for the association has been critical. We hope you will continue to support us with your ideas, your participation, and your membership.

Community Documents:
Community Goals :
The "Accomplishments" & "Initiatives" listed below benefit all residents on the Hill.  A lot of this work is done by volunteers.  However, some of them do cost money, and our only source of that money is the $35 annual homeowner dues.  So please join the FHAPOA, and help make sure that we can continue these activities


Built up the NextDoor website for community communications.
Coordinated efforts to find more emergency exit routes from the hill, working with Evergreen and Clear Creek Fire Districts, the Sheriff, and the County Commissioners.
Protected our rights to water for our wells in Water Court.
Monitored potential developments for the meadow at the entrance
to our community, which could add congestion problems and use more of whatever water there is for the hill.
Supported the Open Space Commission’s Fire Abatement project in Beaver Brook Canyon, with both funding and volunteers.
Worked with County Commissioners to convince the US Forest Service to review their regulation of random shooting in the open lands near our community.
Renewed our Firewise membership, which qualifies us for grant funding for wildfire mitigation.
Worked with CDOT on a vision for the future of I-70, and how it would impact our community.
Negotiated a group discount for propane with Ferrell Gas, for FHAPOA members.
Installed a much more attractive sign at the entrance to our community.
Organized community activities, including a flea market, garden tour and a picnic attended by 80 people.
Organized roadside trash pick-up along US 40 and Floyd Hill in spring and fall.
Negotiated a special reduced price offer from Waste Management for trash and recyclables collection.

2016 Initiatives

Continue working with the Sheriff’s Office to improve security on the hill.
Continue surveillance of potential developments that could impact the sources of water for our wells, our safety, and our quality of life.
Assure that our community’s interests are included in the county’s updated master plan for where various kinds of developments will take place.
Coordinate purchase of lockable mailboxes to get volume discounts.
Continue looking for additional emergency exits off the hill, in case of wildfire or other emergency.
Install lights and planting under the new sign for our community.
Organize February meeting of Community Wildfire Protection Implementation Plan Committee to continue to reduce fire danger on Floyd Hill
Continue activities for fun and for value to residents, like flea market, roadside trash pick-up, high altitude gardening class, garden tour, and picnic

These initiatives will benefit all residents on Floyd Hill.  A lot of this work is done by volunteers.  However, some of our projects do cost money, and our only source of that money is the $35 annual homeowner dues.  So please join the FHAPOA, and help make sure that we can continue these projects.
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