Emergency Preparedness: Living With Wildfire
Emergency Preparedness
Floyd Hill Residents are encouraged to sign up with both Clear Creek and Jefferson County Code Red for telephone evacuation notices in case of fire or other emergencies. Floyd Hill is technically in the Evergreen Fire Rescue District, but realistically either/both fire departments will be on the scene to fight a fire or to monitor a chemical spill.
The CodeRED system allows emergency dispatchers to deliver public safety messages to targeted areas or the entire county at a rate of up to 60,000 calls per hour.
To download a free
CodeRED Mobile Alert app for your iPhone or Android, go to http://ecnetwork.com/mobile/getitnow.html.
Register For CodeRed:
Go to the CCC Sheriff's web site http://www.clearcreeksheriff.us/
Then click on the CodeRED icon there.
You can also register by calling 303-679-2376 during normal business hours. 
Register For Notifications From Evergreen:
Go to your911.net or call 303-674-3145.
Information From Evergreen Fire Department:
Evacuation signs are posted around Floyd Hill to alert drivers  to emergency exits.

This sign is posted on the gate to Pat Dreek trail to the reservoir at Sqaw Pass Road.

Helpful Documents From Evergreen Fire & Rescue
Wildfire Emergency Evacuation Checklist
What To Do Now To Prepare
Definition of Evacuation Levels
Jefferson County Emergency Preparedness Guide
Community wildfire Protection Implementation Plan (CWPIP) , FLOYD HILL AREA
7 Ways to protect your property during Wildfire season
Tips for Homeowners to Prepare Homes, Evacuate During Wildfire Season
Listed below are some useful sites for wildfire information:
http://www.firewise.org  /  Firewise Additional Resources
Smokey Bear
Firewise Guide to Landscaping & Construction
Firewise_Guide_To_Landscape_and_Construction (pdf)
Colorado State Forest Service
National Interagency Fire Center
Fire-Resistant Landscaping
CSU Fire-Resistant Landscaping Fact Sheet
Bureau of Land Management
Creating Wildfire - Defensible Zones
Defensible Space Quick Guide-CSU.pdf
US Forest Service Rocky Mountain Region
Floyd Hill Area Property Owners Association