Ideas on how to assist EFR. EFR is so thankful for all the generous offers and donations during the Elephant Butte Fire. We have been overwhelmed!

We are suggesting instead of cookies, water and food, you can help us by helping yourself and your neighborhoods with the following three ideas:

1. Sign up for CodeRed to get those reverse 911 calls for evacuation. The link is on the homepage of Jefferson County. The Clear Creek County CodeRed link is on their sheriff’s department website.

2. Register for Community Connect so we can preplan if we have to come to your house. This lets us know there is someone in the house that needs our help, that pets are there, where electrical, water, and gas shutoffs are located. The link to this is under Take Charge of Your Safety in the posts on the homepage. or

3. Harden and Mitigate your own property to give us a fighting chance to defend against a wildfire. Work with your neighbors or HOA to start a new CWPIP group or schedule days for the fuels crew to come chip the neighborhood. The best link for this would be

Thank you so much for supporting EFR!

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